Sunday, 30 August 2009

Training in a Globo Gym!!??

We are down in Newquay for the week and thought to get some training in, so decided to train in one of the gyms over here.

The workout was

Front squats

4 rounds
7db push press
10 pushups

This was a wierd experience. I have not trained in a globo gym since I was back in Dubai... Now I remember why.. All those funny looks you get and all the bullshit messing around in the gym instead of training or working out... The whole curls for the girls routine and What ever the rest is.

On a brighter note we spent the day being zoo keepers... What an experience that was. Getting up and close to the animals is a experience I can simply describe as 'AWESOME'. We got to feed the penguins.. The lions.. The monkeys.. Getting face to face with the animals was an experience I will never forget :)

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