Friday, 21 August 2009

Backsquats...alot of them!!

Ok this is my first post from my iPhone... Lets see how it works.

On Wednesday 19th august

Push press

Finally managed to get my bodyweight. Get strong and I think I got some room in the tank.

Then did 2x 1000m row

1st attempt @ 3.27
2nd attempt @ 3.26

Aiming for 3.25 next time fingers crossed and going to see what happens.

Had an interesting few days... Little bit of drama on the home front.... Lets put it this way... There is a reason why I am posting on my phone instead of my laptop.

The long story short... Some fucker took my lap top from my own house... Can you believe that...

Well I better go before I lose my rag. Be back on soon.

-- Post From My iPhone

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