Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Does anyone enjoy Thrusters??

Had a few good workouts these last few days. Still feeling the effects after Freddys revenge. My shoulders still hate me for it. But the workouts must go on.

3,2,1 go!!


Death by handstand pushup
5 rounds

Shoulders still dead after the heavy push jerks on Sunday

Followed by

3 rounds of
21 KB swings@24kg
21 Knees to elbows
21 Wall ball

= 10.51

This was not a bad workout the only thing that difficult was the knees to elbows. I have not done them in a workout for quite a long time.

Wednesday 12th August

Front squats

@ 85kg across

This felt pretty good and I think it will be any 90 next time I do it.



= 7.56

This was an awesome workout. My potty mouth came out on this one :)

On the flip side I just got my paleo diet book today.

Will be digesting all the info and trying it out soon. Ill keep a log on how it is all going.

Right well back to the gym and enjoying my rest day ;)

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