Saturday, 15 August 2009

The results

Yesterday was an awesome training session.

Managed to get 100kg clean for a double... Then thought why not try hit a PB and get 110.

2 big ticks on the list :):)

As for the overhead squat for 15 @75kg...

This didn't go to well... I think my wrists were battered from the cleans... Got to 3 reps and felt my wrists didn't like it at all...

Something for another day I guess.

As for todays plans we are going to Jane BBQ B-day party... All zone of course :)

It will be great to catch up with everyone from Crossfit Manchester again... it has been a while since we all saw them last.

Last not before I go.

Check this out... Food Matters

Very powerful documentary on what is happening with the way we eat.

Post your views in the comments.

Right I'm out of here and will post later on today or tomorrow

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