Friday, 4 September 2009

Back to Normal.... Paleo Challenge Day 1

Just got back from holiday and looking forward to some serious training as well as some strict paleo eating...

I decided to take on the plunge on the 30 day paleo challenge, which Melissa Byers from Crossfit 603 has talked alot about and thought, why not give it a go :)

Today is Day 1... I am feeling to be honest pretty fucking awesome!!

Having to take out diary from my diet is a pretty big step for me but has not seemed to bug me at all.

As for eating wise here is what i ate...

meal 1.

2 apples
1 can of tuna

meal 2

chicken salad (lettuce, tomatoes,cucumbers)

meal 3

chicken salad (lettuce, tomatoes,cucumbers)

meal 4

2 pieces of salmon and 1 banana and a big plate of broccolli

A very good day to start and the training starts back up again tomorrow :)

Catch you on the flip side for day 2 of Paleo :)

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