Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Playing Catch up... Days 2 to 5 on the Paleo Challenge

Its been really hectic after the holiday so updating my blog had to be put aside for a few days, but I am back to give you the update of everything.

As for the Paleo challenge, this is day 6 in the making. 5 days ticked off and counted...Another 25 to go.

In all honesty I am having a blast on Paleo. I feel a bit wierd not eating my morning porridge or enjoying my bagel on the odd days. But what I am feeling now is just simply amazing. I have all this extra energy during the day and for some messed up reason I cannot go to bed until about 1 in the morning everynight because I am wide awake. Then the result is I get about 4 or 5 hours sleep and I'm still rocking the next day. Where I would enjoy my afternoon naps before I went back into the gym are now replaced by surfing the net for paleo recipes and treats... Paleo Cookies and Muffines anyone!!!

The first week is almost over and I have not weighed and measured my food this week but will be from week 2 onwards. I wanted to get use to eating this way before I restricted myself to the portions of food I needed. But all I can say is I can give it a big thumbs up and I miss my milk... Alot!!

As for training this was a fun weekend. We had the Crossfit Manchester Crew over on Sunday for one hell of a workout... the "Manchester Mile" (30 body weight back squats followed by a mile run) !!! This is one hell of a workout. Thanks to the founder Karl who came up with it... I hate you. I learned my lesson on this workout putting a little holiday weight on during my trip in Newquay, I had to do the weight @ 90kg.. Yes I am a fast basterd. My time was 8.45 I was happy with my performance but next time the squats will be unbroken and will be charging on that run a bit more... I am looking for a sub 8 time next time.

Until next time.

Ps. I still can't walk after Sundays Carnage :(

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