Monday, 31 May 2010

Why Grains are bad...

Grains... What are they used for?

Nothing I can think of other than make you full. There are no nutrients or minerals in grains at all and is what I call 'empty calories'.

The way we evolved, we were designed to eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seed and fruit. Since agriculture came about and we had access to processed food such as bread, rice, pasta aka Grains. This is where all the problems we have today have started to arise.

Problems with Grains

Grains = bad carbs and are involved with such factors in the body such as spiking up insulin levels, elevating blood pressure and putting on extra body fat and can be associated with the diseases such as o Diabetes, High blood pressure, Obesity.

Do We Need Grains

The answer = No!!

Can you think of a reason why you need to have grains in our diet, other than to make you full and satisfy your hunger or have 'carbs' in your diet.

Benefits of a Diet without Grain

A diet very low or entirely without grains (low-carb) has been shown to decrease risk for problems associated with diabetes, to lower blood pressure, alleviate heartburn symptoms, and shed abdominal fat.

So what is wrong with eating without grain in your diet?

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