Tuesday, 25 May 2010

How we eat VS how we SHOULD eat

Thought this would be a good blog post cause its good to see how far we have come along when to come to how we eat. What you will find below is different food pyramids on how society and the majority of people eat compared to how we should eat.

I found this on a Diabetes article on how should eat.... Can you believe it?

So what you find is that grains and anything starchy should make up the most part of your day to day eating, followed by some fruits and vegetables then meat, meat substitues, diary followed by low amounts of fat and sweets!!!. To my knowledge is that if you eliminated grain totally from your diet you will be fine. It may take some getting use to but why can't we live of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit little starch no sugar. Compared to grains where you can demolish a big bowl of pasta then about 30min later falling asleep because of the sudden spike in sugar causing a big crash later on. Then if you think about it what does grain have the fruits or vegetables doesn't on a nutritional level other than making you feel full and bloated? Now switch it round what are the benefits of fruit and vegetables compared to grains on a nutrient / vitamin and mineral level... All fingers point to fruit and vegetables and its no contest.

Here is food pyramid that ticks all boxes

Now what you can see grains is no where to be found on the pyramid, instead what you find is that meat and healthy fats are the base of the of the pyramid followed by hearty chunk of vegetables / nuts and berries then to top it all off a little bit a fruit (natural sugar goodness).

This is a more nutrient dense food pyramid that has been tested though time and still works today!


  1. That Diabetes food pyramid is kind of what I would expect, depressingly. One guy I was speaking to last week was telling me about his 6 monthly diabetes checkup, he was told to attend a course on eating for diabetics, here he was told to 'manage his carbs' mixing high GI foods with fat and protein to lessen the effect. It seems that 'they' look to make small changes rather than shell out the expense of educating people on how they can eat to manage their diabetes. This guys HbA1c was 9.9% after implimenting this advice, to put that into perspective, we advise that HbA1c should be kept below 7%. Things need to change.


  2. And half the time they don't think that fruits and vegetables are not carbs!!!!

    Things do need to change and with the increase of type 2 diabetes from all the processed food in society should be a big big clue