Friday, 5 February 2010

Looking forward to the weekend.

These last few days have been fun. There has been some great workouts and some weird ones but all n all a lot of fun.

Nutrition has been good and being in the gym most of the day has not let me eat to bad. Having to prep all my meals the night before is annoying but has to be done in order for me to generally eat well.... and not run to the shop and eat KRAP!.

I have been learning a lot from Kelly Starrett. He has some great stuff on rehab and just maintenance with the body, which in this moment in time is pretty important to me. My left shoulder feels kinda funny and it feels like an impingement of sorts... The solution role on a tennis ball, take some pain and BOOM feels 10 times better and does not really aggravate me. The main thing is to just take care of my body and the 2 tools that do the job is a tennis ball and a foam roller. If you are serious about training and a specially doing Crossfit these are essentials in your armoury.

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