Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Making his return after a long long hibernation.

Wow its has been ages since I last posted and quite a few things have happened since then...

First one being we moved our Crossfit gym into our new location. Its bigger, cooler and alot more fun. We have more room, which means cooler workouts.

Second.. just getting the place up and running has taken alot of time but having an internet line in the gym now makes things easier.

As for the new year I am trying to get through and get rid of any little niggles I have and push all my PB's as far as I can.

The sectionals is in March and have a lot of training to do till then... the main things being to get my nutrition up to speed as I find it the easiest thing that slips up once I am busy.

Making my meals at night has helped a lot which I started this started this week and been doing well with it and gives me a bit more variety with my meals other than tuna and fruit ;)

Well it is good to be back and you will be hearing a lot more from me and that is a promise.

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